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Phase 1: Due Diligence/Collection & Review

Environmental Site Assessment | Financing | Appraisal | Building Condition Assessment | Energy Audit

All projects are logged and tasked in our project management pipeline with scopes of work, action items and next steps. We have a minimum of two people review all due diligence in detail against our Checklist and raise any potential issues to the client during the conditional period. We engage the relevant third parties within our network who can work to get environmental, appraisal, insurance and financing conditions fulfilled within the timelines outlined in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. We can maximize use of time and get ahead by preparing next steps for when you waive conditions and go firm.

Image by Scott Graham

Phase 2: Onboarding & Strategy

Permitting | Grants | Property Management | Set Up Corporation | Highest Value & Best Use

We meet with the client and Key Partners (eg architect, contractors, mortgage brokers, etc) and present a game plan for highest and best use with costs, timelines, roles and responsibilities and potential challenges (Depending on the project, this often happens during the due diligence phase). When the strategy is approved, we launch into action. Regular communication is sent to each clients with an update on the progress of their property. 

Construction Worker

Phase 3: Construction & Stabilization

Tender for Multiple Quotes | Permitting Complete | Construction Begins | On-going Project Management | Budget Tracking

We work with architcts and engineers to get permits in hand, where needed. We go through a full RFQ tendering process with multiple contractors. We work with the Client to select the best fit for the project and our in-house Project Manager oversees the project from start to finish, keep the Contractor accountable for their timelines and budgets. The Conduit team continues to keep you, the Client informed of progress through regular updates. We will also engage with property management to get the lease up plan in place so that units hit the market at the earliest stage and the vacancy period is greatly minimized.


Phase 4: Refinance

Lender Due Diligence | QS Survey | Appraisal | Refinance | Disposition | On-going Management

When your investment has been repositioned, we work to refinance the property or sell, if that is your chosen strategy. In either case, we engage the key partners to return the most on your investment. We will usually initiate this in the final stages of construction and/or lease up.

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